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Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of the Dongfeng Alan Kate tractor.

September's Siping Beiling Industrial Park is clear and sunny with "Warm congratulations on the success of the development of the Alan Kate High-power Tractor of Dongfeng Company", "devoting to the development of agricultural machinery industry, making every effort to create high-quality agricultural machinery", "the unique technology of the National Five Standards, strong driving force, galloping fertile fields", "the rich accumulation of national brands and thin hair". Patent technology is in full bloom. " "Strong and strong joint efforts to create fine products, Alan Kate tractor gallop the fertile field!" The colorful float ball, the wind display, Dongfeng combine harvester factory area flags flying, firecrackers in unison, a cheerful laughter. In the festive atmosphere, the company leaders and all the staff gathered in the assembly workshop doorway, opened the festival curtain.

Accompanied by the cheers of technicians and workshop workers, Vice-Chairman Gao delivered a warm speech. On behalf of the group leaders and other brothers, Gao first congratulated Allen Kate on the successful offline of the high-powered tractor, and expressed his warm congratulations to the technicians who had been struggling to develop and trial-produce the tractor during this period. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to China for its sincere cooperation with the company.

Gao stressed that the successful conclusion of the tractor with large horsepower and the excellent quality of the Dongfeng people's meticulous industry and Seiko boutique embodies the sweat and sweat of the veteran workers who struggle with the company for decades. It is a strong source of power for the company's sustainable development. The historical opportunity of the world. The company has bright prospects for development.

Subsequently, the company leaders together for the Allen Kate high-powered tractor ribbon cutting, General Manager Qu Yonghua personally drove the first tractor slowly out of the factory gate, the motorcade wearing red hanging colors, magnificent out of the factory area, toward the country, out of the country...

The Allen Kate high-power tractor is a new product of the company's cooperation with China's First Tractor Research Institute. The product has obvious technological advantages. Strong power, low fuel rate, environmental protection. The transmission system is reasonable in structure. The clutch friction disc is 14 inches. The gearbox adopts helical gears with high transmission torque, stable transmission and low noise. Cab safe and reliable, through the strength test certification; Beautiful appearance, wide vision; Control rod layout in line with ergonomics, flexible and comfortable control. The supporting agricultural machinery is various, including heavy-duty hydraulic overturning plough, plough, omni-directional subsoiler, rotary tiller, duplex operation machine, medium-sized disc rake, combined land preparation machine, hydraulic medium rake, etc. The whole machine has reliable quality, good safety performance, convenient maintenance and good performance price ratio.

With the close cooperation of the R&D branch of agricultural machinery, the company has completed all the construction processes of technology introduction, technological innovation, production line construction, process optimization, quality control system construction and so on. The annual output of 10,000 units is expected to be available everywhere in the farmland in the near future with the successful opening up of foreign markets such as Russia. See Alan Kate tractor's heroic posture!

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